Long-Term Care Insurance

Long-Term Care Insurance

Did you know that long-term care (LTC) is the largest financial and emotional risk you and your family will face?  People think a long-term care situation only happens to older people.  However, 40 percent of the long-term care population is under the age of 65!*


*When Caring Isn't Enough - American Academy of Actuaries, January 1999 Percent of Working-Age Adults Needing LTC


Although most people buy health insurance to cover major illness costs, this type of insurance does not offer protection against the costs of providing long-term support services. This lack of insurance coverage jeopardizes the financial security of families and diminishes the economic security of employers.
Without proper planning, you may limit your living and care options and deplete your assets.  As Long-Term Care Specialists, we believe we have an obligation to assist you in maintaining your quality of life, preserving your independence, and protecting your assets.


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Long Term Care